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Join our community!  Every week there is mini videos from Zach's Gardens, Permaculture Projects and Edible Ecosystem Design!  Weekly Mentorship on the  Community Chat board!  Live Lectures and more!  Grow alongside Zach Loeks this year!

What Mentorship is Included?

Weekly Design Videos From-the-Gardens!

Active Weekly Chat Board Consultation!

Specialized Video Lessons

Monthly Seasonal LIVE Lecture

Only $9 USD / $13 CAD

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Benefits of this subscription plan

Grow with us for 365 days!

EcosystemU 365 is about growing day by day with weekly fresh-from-the-garden videos and mentorship.  There is nothing quite like seeing what other growers are doing exactly in season.  Don't miss the key step-by-step advice as it is essential to your growing success!

Expert instructors

Zach Loeks is an award-winning Permaculture farmer, Edible Ecosystem designer, innovator and educator!

Vera Banias is a master gardener, urban homesteader and food security specialist!

This course will satisfy!

Studying with us will help you learn to grow food in your home gardens, homesteads and small farms so the it is efficient, affordable and effective!

Material you'll love

Action based mini videos in the gardens and in the season!  Seasonal lessons relevant to you right now!  Live lectures that are specialized and crop-specific!


Join a community of active and motivated growers working to transition their properties to food!

Great Value for Cost!

This course is a month by month course with value of over $300 USD / month for ONLY $9/USD a month!  That less than the cost of a Coffee and Muffing for a Month of Mentorship!  Yeah Yeah!
Mentorship Program

Watch Zach Work, Garden Q & A, Seasonal Lectures

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Sample Design Lecture

In addition to Weekly Field Videos, there will be Specific Design Lectures
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