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Modular Prairie Design

Using Ecosystem Design, we can create practical micro landscapes using native prairie plants to enhance beauty, biodiversity and food in our yards and landscapes.  This intensive course is a how to lecture for building prairie ecosystem using a modular method.
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Prairie Design




Intensive Lecture




1 Hour
Intensive Lecture



What you are going to learn

A bit about this course!

This course teaches ecosystem design as pertains to creating wild tall grass prairie restoration spots for yards and landscape.
In this lecture you will learn:

  • Modular solutions to land management
  • Basic ecosystem design principles
  • Site analysis for prairie ecosystems
  • Organizing for land preparation and planting
  • Examples of prairie plants and their form and function
  • Specific techniques, tools and supplies for prairie ecosystem establishment

Zach Loeks

Educator, Design, Grower
Zach Loeks is an Edible Eco-system Designer creating landscape big and small.  Learn more about his work at

Course reviews

"Zach Loeks sees the potential for dynamic edible ecosystems, ones that can transform our cities and neighbourhoods."
Florence Williams
Author, The Nature Fix
"Resilience in an increasingly uncertain future demands that most of our food must be grown locally. Zach Loeks provides an approach that will be vital in a warming world."
David Suzuki
Award-winning Geneticist, Author, and Broadcaster
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