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Edible Property Design MASTER COURSE

This course builds on the success of its predecessor with more great information.  We follow Zach's step-by-step design process of transitioning any property anywhere to edible biodiversity abundance using ecosystem design for gardens, orchards, animal and more.  Edible Property Design is a MASTER COURSE with both core curriculum and advanced design concepts.  

Updated to include material from all THREE of Zach Loeks' books and showcasing a modular approach to efficient, affordable and effective edible ecosystem gardening!  Whether you call them food forests, organic gardens or edible landscapes, Edible Ecosystem Design is a practical solution for your land and vision.


ebooks, video lessons, live lectures + FRESH weekly mini videos from the field

Starting date

March 31

Weekly Content Live Release through

July 29


Continuous access for all 2023/2024


16 Weekly Modules
12 Live Lectures
12 Live Q & A 
(76 Hours of Material)
24/7 Course Community Access


$399 USD

€470 EUR

$550 CAD

What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

This course is a modular approach to growing food on the home, homestead and farm using the innovative ecosystem design methods and techniques.  This MASTER COURSE has all the essential for turning any property into gardens, orchards, edible landscapes and more.  Work alongside Zach Loeks this spring and summer to build your gardens and remodel your existing projects!
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • Ecosystem Design principles and methods!
  • The layout and practices of building Permabeds form scratch!
  • The best techniques for transitioning land from weeds and grass to fruits and berries and gardens in a short time period!!!
  • How to start-up, scale-up and pro-up your garden projects and property design!
  • Decision-making for infrastructure and tools!
  • Essential formulas for vegetable companionship guilds and perennial guild design!
  • Explore the tools, equipment and techniques for land management!
  • Watch FRESH from-the-field videos showcasing the methods you are learning each week from Zach's actual garden routine this year!
  • Understand the best and easiest garden design software!
  • Many examples of garden and perennial guilds from different regions of the world
  • Content includes innovative methods such as Compost-Path Method, Zipperbeds, 123 Planting, Holistic Soil, Pattern Propagation, Cover Crop Priority, 3-Year Management Cycles and more!

Zach Loeks

Grow, Educator, Design
Zach Loeks is an award-winning Grower, Permaculture Designer and Innovator of Edible Ecosystem Design.

Zach sees the potential for dynamic edible ecosystems that can transform our cities and neighbourhoods.
Florence Williams
Author, The Nature Fix
Resilience in an increasingly uncertain future demands that most of our food must be grown locally. Zach Loeks provides an approach that will be vital in a warming world.
David Suzuki
Award-winning Geneticist and Author
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