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1-Hour Lecture: Advance Ecosystem Gardening

This is a starter lecture into advance ecosystem gardening techniques.  Although this is advance concepts, many of this material can be applied for home growers as well.  We distill this knowledge for different scales and needs.


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Ecosystem Design


1-hour lecture



What you are going to learn

This is was a LIVE LECTURE about

Introducing the key concepts for advance ecosystem gardening. 

Zach Loeks

Educator, Grower, Designer
Zach is an educator, designer and grower who specializes in Edible Eco-system Design for farms, cities and homesteads. He is the director of the Ecosystem Solution Institute and runs the Institute's online school
Zach manages an award-winning farm with diversified food forest products, heirloom garlic, and a hardy tree nursery. His innovations have won three provincial awards and are featured in his books: The Permaculture Market Garden, The Edible Ecosystem Solution and The Two-wheel Tractor Handbook.
The Institute oversees pathbreaking education sites, including an Edible Biodiversity Conservation Area near Ottawa, Ontario and a suburban food forest in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Zach's thoughts on this class

"If you want to get really serious about ecosystem design, then this is the primer for our Ecosystem Design Certification."

"Ecosystem Design is about understanding some big ecological concepts, but it is also about fine pointed practices"

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