Learn to design, build and grow an edible property

Our live lectures and courses teach essential skills and principles for gardeners, homesteaders and small-scale farmers.  If you love permaculture, market gardening or edible landscaping, you will love EDIBLE ECOSYSTEM DESIGN taught by Zach Loeks at EcosystemU!


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Skill-based education

Learn pro tips and techniques that can be applied immediately to your landscape business, homestead, or home garden.

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Build a core foundation of ecosystem design principles that can be applied anywhere by anyone.

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Engage with material by sending questions and site photos that can be used during live lectures to help apply designs for you.

Maximize winter-time

Our schedule maximize winter-time so you are prepared to hit the ground planting come spring.  

The Edible Ecosystem Solution 

Enjoy this wonderful new book as an additional guide to the garden skills taught at EcosystemU.  For a limited time use the PromoCode "Manitoba" when checking out for FREE shipping!
Click the link below to order YOUR COPY with FREE SHIPPING!

About: The Edible Ecosystem Solution BOOK

This richly illustrated book brings the permaculture vision of a recreated Garden of Eden to new audiences ready to dive into their own edible ecosystems.
David Holmgren
co-originator of Permaculture
Where most people see lots, grass, or property lines, Zach Loeks sees the potential for dynamic edible ecosystems, ones that can transform our cities and neighborhoods into regenerating, life-giving, health-giving natural bonanzas.
Florence Williams
Author, The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative
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Frequently asked questions

What courses will I take?

Edible Property Design is our Master Course and offers a step-by-step process for transitioning any property to edible abundance with gardens, fruit, berries, herbs and more!  We also have other short lectures and courses that are available seasonally.

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

With us you will have the opportunity to learn unique design principles and garden techniques developed by the Zach Loeks and the Ecosystem Solution Institute at our various project and research sites: including the Edible Biodiversity Conservation Area, permaculture market gardens, biodiversity reforestation sites, a 2.8 acre suburban food forest, an edible bike lane, home garden sites and more.

Is the Edible Property Design course available after the LIVE sessions end?

The Edible Property Design Course is a 16 week course and is available with LIVE content for 16 weeks.  Afterwards you will continue to have access to the course content.  We guarantee a minimum of two years of continued access to the course content.  You will likely have lifetime access, but this is not guaranteed for reasons of logistics in the term "lifetime".

Is it helpful to have The Edible Ecosystem Solution BOOK for the Edible Property Design course?

Yes, this book contains some of the core curriculum for this course.  Although the book isn't necessary for your success in this course, learners will find it useful and enjoyable to have this new book while participating in the Edible Property Design course.  With over 300 illustrations, designs and photos done by Zach Loeks, the author and teacher of this course, it is a wonderful and effective resource for gardeners, farmers and landscapers.  Zach's other book are also great resources for scaling-up as small-scale farmers.
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